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We found our Rev. Jozef Murgaš Room!

2014 May

For years, the Slovak Heritage Society of Northeast Pennsylvania has been in search of a permanent place for their Reverend Murgaš Exhibit. We wish to honor Father Murgaš; priest, Slovakian immigrant, scientist (with multiple interests; radio, botany, butterflies), and artist/painter; to spread word of his great accomplishments, and to create a memorial of his legacy for future generations.

The time has arrived, a place has been found!

In 2005, we provided an extensive exhibit on Father Murgaš at King's College. Over the years this exhibit has been in various high schools, colleges, and at the Slovak Catholic Sokol 43 Nation Slet, the New Jersey Slovak Heritage Festival, the Slovak Association Laurel Highlands, Johnston, PA, and in Pittsburgh, PA.

Finally, we found a permanent home! King's College recently acquired the former "Ramada Inn" on Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, PA. The building will now be known as "King's on the Square." We have received the opportunity to dedicate a room as a permanent home for our Murgaš exhibit. Many of his important artifacts will be exhibited; such as, portraits, butterfly collection, copies of patents, and photos of his paintings hanging above the alters at Sacred Heart Slovak Church. The paintings are "The Sacred Heart of Jesus" and "The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother."

The cost to name the permanent location is $50,000 (fifty-thousand dollars.) In addition, we need funding for restoration of some pieces, lighting, and future maintenance. This is our golden opportunity to create a lasting memorial to Rev. Jozef Murgaš "Radio's Forgotten Genius". We ask for your support of this very important project. Any amount you contribute will be greatly appreciated. All contributions of $1,000 or more will be listed on a permanent plaque in the room.

Thank you for your consideration. For a donation form or additional information please contact our webmaster:

 Slovak Heritage Society of NEPA

P.O. Box 5004, Station "A"

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18710-5004