Folktales, Legends, and Stories

Stories are "part of the fabric of everyday life and at the heart of the human experience."*





“God Grant You Good Fortune”

Bratislava Castle

The Legend of the Giant

Lump-in-the-Throat Story Pearls of Wisdom - An Afternoon of Remembrance

The Slovak Cinderella

God's Gifts to the Slovaks

Jankola Library and

Slovak Museum

40th Anniversary

Slovak Folk Costumes

Slovak Folk Customs and Traditions Program Jánošík - Life & Legends

SS Cyril & Methodius

Patron Saints of Slovakia


The Three Farthings Legendary Castles

What Would Cyril

and Methodius Do?

Blessing Easter Foods

The Power of a Woman's Reasoning

Weather Lore The Undiscovered Slovakia

Easter Monday

The Three Roses

Origins of the Days' and Seasons' Names Who are the Gorals?


The Nanny Goat and the Hedgehog

Rev. Jozef Murgaš Slovak Wooden Villages

Holy Season

of Lent and Easter

How The Gypsy Outsmarted A Devil


2010 WU course on The History of

Wyoming Valley

Jelly Bean Prayer

An Egg Went Wandering

  2011 Wilkes University course on The History of Wyoming Valley  

Popolvar, The Greatest: Part 1




*Quote is taken from THE SLOVAKS AS STORYTELLERS, published in the 2003 DOBRY PASTIER  by the Slovak Catholic Federation.