God's Gifts To The Slovaks

After the death of Noah and the passing of many, many more years, people forgot about the Great Flood. The world was once again repopulated. However, there were too many people in one place, so God told them that some of them would have to go into the world. Being a generous God, He didn’t let the people go empty-handed. He divided them into groups or what would become known as nations and He gave each group its own individual speech and a special gift of their choosing.

Before the people left, there were great gatherings in front of God’s throne, since He was granting the gifts that the nationalities were requesting.

“Give us, oh God, a fruitful and great land, rich with milk and honey,” requested one group.

“Give us, oh God, great power and strength, so that we can rule over the others,” requested another group.

“Give us, oh God, wisdom and fame, so that we can be famous in the world,” another nationality requested.

God was giving out His gifts by the handfuls, until there was nothing left.

Lastly, and at the very end, the Slovaks came. They came humbly since there were so few of them. Indeed, they were one of the smallest groups of all!

“Welcome, my children! Why did you come so late?” God asked.

“Forgive us, oh God. The big nations pushed us aside, so how could such a small nation like ours get to the front?”

“What can I give you?” God asked. “Power and fame have already been given to the big nations!  I have already given another group a land rich with milk and honey.”

“We are not asking for extensive land, nor are we longing for power and fame. We are asking only for your love and that you will love us forever.”

“You are asking for love, the greatest gift in the world? Well, I will give you what you are asking for. I will love the Slovak people forever.”

And God, being good and benevolent, smiled on them, like a father on his children, because He loved their prayer most of all.

But where are the limits of God’s generosity? Certainly, certain boundaries must be set!

However, God dipped His finger in Paradise’s well and touched the Slovaks’ tongues. “I am giving you the richest language on earth. It will be as harmonious as the angels’ singing.

As bright as the sparkle of the dew in the sun. As sweet as the May wind and a mother’s song. As captivating as the smile of an innocent child. As melodious as the nightingale’s song. By its sounds, the young will be made even younger and the hearts of the old will become young once again.”

A second time God dipped His finger into the water in Paradise’s well and from there He took the most harmonious songs. “I am giving you the most beautiful songs in the world.  When your young girls sing, the birds will stop singing, the stream will chatter, and the hills will jump. The song of the girls will turn the land into Paradise.”

Then, for a third time, God smiled on the Slovak people. “And lastly, I am giving you a beautiful homeland under the Tatras. Work in the fields and keep your fathers’ morals, Christianity, and your language. And when the torment comes, do not give up, for you will stay in my heart. I will always be there to help you!”

“Oh, thank you, God, that you have not forgotten us Slovaks!”

And so the Slovaks have lived for more than 1,500 years in their homeland, and they will live there forever, because they serve God who always takes care of his faithful ones.  



Provided by Frank Luther, taken from BOHATSTVO SLOVENSKO NARODA: WEALTH OF THE SLOVAK NATION by Maroš Madacov. This legend appeared in VIANOČNE ROZPRAVKY: CHRISTMAS STORIES, collected by štefan Rampak for the publication SPOLOK SVÄTEHO VOJTECHA, 1991.

The musical selection, Aká Si Mi Krasna, is from the album Spev Sings/Trude Sings; recorded by the Slovak Heritage Society of NEPA in 1989. Performed by The Slovak Heritage Society Folk Ensemble. Directed by Trude V. Check-Tuhy.

This album is available from the Slovak Heritage Society of NEPA in their Catalog.