Folktales, Legends, and Stories

Life and Legend of Juro Jnok.

Jnok Disappearing from Sight


The Myth and The Truth 

How Jnok led a cow in boots through the snow.
Jnok from Soldier to Outlaw

The Slovak Robin Hood

Jnok Becomes Captain of the Band of Outlaws How Jnok Entertained the Poor in the Lords Mansion
Jnok & Gifts from Fairies Jnok & His Strength  
Jnok & the Valaka

and other gifts

Jnok & the Tavern Keeper  
Jnok Joins the Highwayman Jnok & the Butcher  
 Jnok: How the Lords intended to trap him Jnok & the Kremnica Ducats  

How Jnok Was Granted Absolution

Jnok Measured Cloth between Two Beech Trees  
Jnok & the Treasure on Rozsutec Mountain Jnok Saves the Mill at Varn and the Miller